Thursday, June 26, 2008

Video: Meet Scott Barrett - Task 1

Scott Barrett (Australia) crossed the line first today. He flies an Airborne C4. Official results aren’t out yet, but we jumped the gun and asked him about his flight anyway. It’s a long video – seven minutes. If you don’t have time to sit through the whole thing here are the highlights. Despite his shy demeanour he’s a racer – as soon as the camera was switched off he said he was looking forward to his winner’s interview tomorrow. Australia – he’s done you proud.


0-60 seconds: “First time in Europe and having a blast. Had a good day charging through the mountains. Relaxed at start. There were a lot of guys racing before the race had started.”

1-2 mins: “Most took the first gate. I watched, waited. Started on second clock. 20 minutes behind most. Able to jump three thermals to the second turnpoint.”

2-3 mins: “Turnpoint 3. A good racing ridge. Pushed along in strong lift. Made one big climb at the end.

3-4 mins: “Got low at second turnpoint. Just under the lead gaggle. Flew with Gordon Rigg (GB) on an odd line. Shade cut down lead gaggle progress.”

4-5 mins: “Shade turned whole field over. We came over the top of a lot of guys on the first clock. Some guys at the top raced to the deck.”

5-6 mins: “We made a move. Went for the sun, not turnpoint. Then raced, overtaking a lot of guys ahead. Final glide. No one prepared to follow me on a 15:1 glide. I led out alone.”

6-7 mins: Valley works in the afternoon. I got in at least 20 minutes before others. GPS showed I didn’t make goal. Second tracklog said I did. Phew.”


David Glover said...

Nice blogging and reporting so far, keep it up, over do it. Thanks.

Chabre2009 said...

Thanks David :)