Monday, June 30, 2008

Task 4 - task stopped

Weather watching: Russia's Julia Kucherenko waiting for launch on Chabre yesterday ... more of the same today.

9.15am Monday June 30: The field is heading to Chabre. A light southerly is forecast. There is some high cloud to the west. Other than that it's a clear start to the day. Heather Mull comp director just walked past looking chipper ... a good sign? We'll wait and see.

2.30pm: Task has been stopped. Basically cancelled, as the first start gate opened at 1.40pm and the task was stopped at 1.48pm due to overdevelopment. The task that was set was 105km with a goal at Ribiers.

About two-thirds of the field had launched, and many were at base or on course towards the start when the task was stopped.

3.30pm: Heather Mull, Competition Director, on why the task was stopped:

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