Friday, June 27, 2008

Task 1: pilot blog reports and photos

Oz Report. Task 1: “It was a fourteen mile glide to try to get higher into the mountains. The safe landing areas had long gone and now it came down to getting over this mountain. But just as I got to the side of it, the shadow from the large high cloud shaded the mountain side and everything around it. I found lift on the north side but the air was tossing my glider around and I was just barely holding on at this point…” A great report. Task 1: "I cruised around for over an hour playing, and things started to get serious near the first start time. It seemed as though everyone was keen to take the first start, and there were 100 pilots driving around cloudbase. It was collision avoidance for sure. When the time ticked over, we indeed were on our way. The first two thermals were death defying..." Great report and great pictures from the flight. The picture here is from Hang6's post - it shows pilots on glide to the Dormillouse. Brilliant.

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