Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday June 29 - task cancelled

9.45am: We are going up Chabre. Forecast is south westerly light, cloudbase 2700m. Should be a good day.

1.45pm: A 70.2km task from Chabre has been set. The route is from Chabre north to turnpoint 51 (Banne), then out east to turnpoint 29 at Pic de Crigne, then back to the goalfield at Laragne. First start gate opens at 2pm, then 2.20pm, 2.40pm and 3pm. Launch opened at 12.30pm and pilots are in the air now.

The task is task B of two options today. Task A was a 100km circuit. The shorter task was chosen because of possible overdevelopment (storm clouds building quickly - not good for flying). This picture taken from Laragne at 1.30pm shows the current state of the quickly-building clouds.

2.11pm: Task has been canceled. Overdevelopment on course.

On launch at Chabre today:

Photos from Sunday's launch are in this Flickr set.

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