Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ready to go

Pilots flew a test task today, the day before the opening ceremony of the pre-worlds in Laragne, but no one made goal. It’s been heavily inverted here today, and is a sticky but clear evening. No matter. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony – it will involve brass bands, the mayor of Laragne, lots of flags and some 120 pilots from around the world. About 90 have checked in so far, with the balance expected tomorrow.

Heather Mull, the competition director, held a team leaders’ briefing this evening. The competition HQ is in the town hall, and they’ve gone all out to decorate it with national flags, flying posters, and even a mini hang-glider history display inside.

As well as the rules the fun stuff is being advertised too: Opening ceremony tomorrow night, a summer soltice party on the Friday, Papy’s New Band on the Saturday, an Irish concert on Tuesday July 1, an open-air hang gliding film festival on Thursday July 3 and the prizegiving on Friday. Throughout the week there is an exhibition of hang gliding art – over 200 entries from schoolchildren throughout the region, and an art exhibition on in the HQ.

Pics include the rules, the fun stuff, and Wednesday’s briefing: “17:00hrs-18:00hrs: Second safety briefing: You Must Attend – No Safety Briefing, No Fly!”

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