Friday, June 27, 2008

Day two

Never a dull moment at the pre-worlds. The competition HQ has generously been given use of the salle de fetes, or town hall, for the duration. It’s been decorated with flags and posters and looks great. Yet someone doesn’t think so. Some poor (drunken?) soul vandalised the flags last night, taking out half a dozen. The mayor arrived this morning to inspect the damage looking fairly furious. And the tourist office immediately set out to repair the damage and get new flags. It is very untypical of the welcome we receive in Laragne. Fortunately most people didn’t notice – we are too absorbed with briefing and getting up the hill. The field is heading to Chabre this morning, with the possibility of using the lower north take off.

Yesterday supplied some fairly good stories, of which only rumours have reached this office. Two landed “in water” – rivers rather than lakes. And both pilots were mainly concerned with their tracklogs and keeping the GPS dry. Another landed “in a gorge” which sounds exciting. Several had tricky retrieves, arriving back at HQ at 2am. The scorer went home at 1am, so they had a long wait. We are off up the hill for another big day.

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