Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday 27 June: Too windy: no fly

1pm: Sorry for lack of morning updates. Too windy today - so we didn't even go up the hill and the day was cancelled at 10.30am.

Extended forecast care of Meteo France, which is producing dedicated forecasts every day for this competition, is sunny, with a risk of storms over mountains to the east

5,500m at 2pm: NW 18 knots – 35 kmh
1,500 m at 2pm: 10-15 knots, 30 kmh. However, the forecaster suggests winds will be stronger.
Surface at 2pm: Moderate NW

Wind strengthening through the afternoon.

Moist air at high level, with cirrus developing. Temp: 0C at 3,700m. 29C max at Laragne

Summary: Sunny, 3 – 4/8 cu over Laragne. Thunderstorm risk over the mountains, maybe around Laragne too by the afternoon. Base at 2,500m to 3,000m. Increasing wind throughout the day. In short, a windy day, maybe too windy.

Tomorrow’s forecast: Sunny, light winds with good conditions for hang gliding. ‘Quite a nice forecast’ according to organisation.

Conclusion: We are going to watch the wind on Chabre, where it is too windy to fly just now according to the weather station on top. Rebrief at 10.30am.
If we do fly, it will be from the lower north take off on Chabre.

Summary forecast is for big cloud development over the mountains, with wind at launch on the limit for take off.

9am: The sky at Laragne camping at 8.15am.

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Rich Lovelace said...

Really good blog!

Cheers for the running commentary – feels like I am ‘almost’ there.

Hope the weather picks up for you guys soon.