Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Night Thriller: Fête de la Saint-Jean

A bonfire night opposite the campsite brought pilots and locals out en masse to enjoy Laragne hospitality and beer. The party was a local event – the Fête de la Saint-Jean is an annual bonfire night.

Highlights included Team Japan showing in a kimono. He then danced with Team Russia and Team France in a spectacular show of international unity. When he and Team Russia leapt through the pallet fire, we knew a new threshold in international democracy had been breached – sport can do that.

Meanwhile, Team USA pledged to fly with only one glove for the rest of the comp – or was it only one task? – in honour of countryman Michael Jackson, 50, who sadly passed yesterday.

Team Russia breached French barriers to commandeer a fire hose, which she sprayed liberally on the crowd, causing mayhem and excitement in equal part.

And the mayor of Laragne, a local and national political name, made headlines by dancing with all the pretty girls, both local and international. Worlds staffer Dutch blonde Cornelia remarked that she had to be careful, as she knew she could cause heart attacks among a certain male age group. Wow. To have the power.

A highlight came as the DJ played homage to Jackson with a full, 12-minute version of Thriller. US Team pilot Zac Majors impressed with his impression of a Thriller Zombie, as he did with his moves all night.

All up a good night. Thanks to Laragne for hosting it – and hopefully that beer drinking and hangover will be the sacrifice the weather gods need for today.

More photos from the night, including incriminating ones, here

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