Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jamie Wanders has arrived...

US blogger and hang glider pilot Jamie Shelden is in Laragne and has enjoyed a couple of practice days:

"Yesterday they were saying that the weather was to turn bad for a few days. Luckily 'they' were wrong. The boys went up for another practice flight and had a great day. Carl was up in wave a lot of the time and was much happier than yesterday. The clouds came in this afternoon and shaded us nicely. I don't know if they will stick around and spoil the day tomorrow. 

"I spent the afternoon at the camping landing field meeting up with everyone arriving. This is my favorite part of the comp. Monica and Scott are here, Curt and Louise, Katharina, Davis and Belinda, Luiz from Colombia and Julia and the Russian team. It's so fun to see everyone again."

She is blogging here (photo lifted from her site - thanks)

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