Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Manfred Ruhmer confirmed ... Rigg back in

Gordon Rigg on launch at the Pre-World Championships in 2008

Update on the Manfred Ruhmer rumour from April is that he is indeed flying for the Austrian team.

And British pilot Gordon Rigg has confirmed he is back in Team GB after a selection drama earlier in the year. A team pilot resigned for 'personal reasons' allowing a slot to open up which Rigg slipped right into. That must have been an interesting conversation.

That also puts a fun spin on things for the Team competition: Current World Champions Team GB with the whole selection stress only just behind them (will they be able to overcome it?), Austria with its big boys in big boots (will Ruhmer really walk it?), and France (second last World Championships in Texas) who have the home turf advantage. All of them will be battling it out for the top podium spot. None of them will be happy with silver.

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