Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday 2 July: Task 7: 113km: Stopped

All the photos from take off and goal are in this Flickr set

Jonny Durand wins the day

10pm: Jonny Durand (AUS) won the day. One point ahead of Antoine Boisselier (FRA). Jon took 2hr 5min 4 seconds, while Antoine took 2hrs 10 mins 20 seconds. No lead out points for Jonny as he took the second start gate and raced through the rest of the field. Pic shows him crossing the line at Ribiers, with the last turnpoint, the ruin at Mison, in the background. Congratulations Jonny! Read about it and watch the video on his blog when it goes online here.

The win pushes Durand into third place overall, with Italy's Alex Ploner in second and Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) in first. Ruhmer leads by more than 200 points, and Ploner also has more than 200 points between him and Durand. With one task to go on Friday the gold and silver medals seem assured, but Durand's position isn't so comfortable. Given the forecast - good - there is still a lot to play for tomorrow.

Antoine Boisselier (FRA), first in goal but one point behind

Encroaching storm from the east as a pilot arrives in goal

In the fields

5pm: All go here as first at least 30 pilots made goal. Notable exception was Christian Ciech (ITA), who wasn't there. Attila Bertok didn't get there either - in fact he didn't even make the first turnpoint. He took the last start gate, skipped three thermals and says he knew he was pushing his luck. 'The worst hang gliding task of my life,' he said.

The first two pilots arrived in goal in a nose to nose race finish at just before 4pm. Antoine Boisselier is rumoured to have taken the second start - unconfirmed - which would make his a very fast time. Lots landed short as a stiff and strengthening cross/head wind set up. A couple in the fields.
Manfred Ruhmer was in the first dozen or so.

Once the first 10 or so were in though it was clear things were developing rapidly to the east, and the storm to the west that had been there all day was finally making itself felt. The task was stopped at 4.31pm. The task will be scored back by 15 minutes (this is the interval between the start times). That means not all who think they will score goal points will actually do so. Again, an interesting night of results ahead.

The Task has been stopped, due to thunder storms on the course line.

About 25 pilots in goal now and they are still arriving.

Pilots are arriving in goal thick and fast. Already in are Antoine Boisselier, first to cross the line, then Gerolf Heinrichs from Austria. Also in are Curt Warren from USA and Jonny Durand, Australia.

The day looks great out there. The big clouds are to the west and the course is clear.

Flying in front of Aspres

Still looking good. No dangerous-looking over-development so far.

View Task 7 in a larger map

A 113km task is set to Ribiers landing field taking in turnpoints B35 just north of Sisteron, B52 at Malaup at the end of Aujours ridge, then B43 Longue Dent near Chabestan, south to B36 at Sigoyer near Vaumeilh then hopping over the Durance to the fort at Mison with a final glide from the north into the Ribiers landing field.

Starts: 1.45pm, 2pm and 2.15pm
Landby time 6pm

The field launched swiftly, and they are all in the air. With the first start gate in just a few minutes, they will be streaming south

The key today is to miss the storms - we hear the clouds are already building on Beaumont.

: Weather forecast for today

2pm Aspres: West, 10-20kmh
2pm Laragne: W 10-20 kmh
5pm: WNW 10-20 kmh

NW 10-20kmh, increasing from 5-10kmh earlier

Laragne sounding
2pm: Bit of an inversion at 2,500m
5pm: Inversion broken, strong climbs

Summary: West or north west winds, getting stronger by the afternoon/evening, storms from 4pm. Sunny until 2pm or 3pm. After 4pm risk of isolated storms.

Tomorrow: Still hot and sunny, very weak risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Increasing NW flow up high. ‘Probably’ a good day for flying.

Conclusion: We are going up Aspres

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