Monday, February 16, 2009

Brit upset - Gordon Rigg not selected

Oh my gosh ... Rich Lovelace reports:

Noticeably absent from the team is Gordon Rigg (8 times UK Champion) and Dave Matthew’s who had had an outstanding results year in comparison to 2 other pilots (see results below).

The panel have stated how very close and difficult this team selection was, but it is most unfortunate that they have selected a team which so severely undermines the importance of the UK Nationals and has caused so much unrest and demotivation among the pilots – me included. “What do you have to do to get selected?”


David Glover said...

I would like to suggest for the future - World's Organizers allow any pilot in the top 50 World Ranking is allowed a spot to compete if they do not make their national team - they would be eligible only for the individual medal but their score would not be able to be part of any team scoring. Foolish not to do everything possible to allow for the best pilots to attend.

gordon said...

Following the resignation of a team memeber for personal reasons Gordon Rigg is now part of the UK team:
Carl Wallbank
Gary Wirdnam
Grant Crossingham
Bruce Kavanagh
Gordon Rigg

gordon said...
Enough said:)