Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Task 5: task stopped

Tue July 1, 8.45am: Looks like it will be Chabre again, but with better launch conditions.

Wed July 2, 8am: Yesterday was stopped after 30 minutes due to overdevelopment. Launch conditions were better as forecast, which meant all pilots were in the air waiting for at least 45 minutes while they could have been racing. That's free flight for you... Apologies for lack of blogging yesterday. I was with Klaus Ohlmann, one of the world's best sailplane pilots, on a five hour, 170kmph, journey through the Western Alps. You can do the same with him via his club, which is 20 minutes from Laragne: www.quovadis-aero.com.

Here's Klaus flying his twin (side-by-side) seater in the Ecrins yesterday:


Jamie Shelden said...

Awesome blog!!! Love the video interviews. Keep them coming!

Marky Mark said...

Hi Ed

Did you see the write-up I did for a similar flight with Klaus? Its here:

glider flight

Hope the weather stays good. Cheers

Mark Graham